Bloodsports such as fox hunting, stag hunting and hare coursing still take place in Ireland, unfortunately.


Foxes are dug out of their dens, and are then thrown in front of the hounds and riders. It is not long before the poor exhauseted, frightened fox is caught and then shredded to bits by the hounds - as the riders look on, satisfied with their kill for the day.


Stags are reared by the hunt members themselves, which means they are relatively tame. When they are carted off for a hunt, they are chased for hours at a time. At the end of the day, they are either injured or killed, trying to get away from the hounds. Those that do survive are put back in the cart and brought back home - so that they can be used again another day.


Hares are mostly wild-caught for coursing events, and if they survive, some are kept as breeding stock. The hares, frightened, are released into a circular field and are then pursued by greyhounds. Even though the dogs are muzzled, that does not prevent the hares from getting killed by being trampled, thrown or having their backs broken.


Of course there are other forms of hunting. Angling revolves around using and causing suffering to a living creature to provide amusement for human beings. Every year millions of fish suffer and many thousands die, worldwide, as a result of their experiences at the hands of anglers.


Lamping - which is going out at night with a torch to daze and then shoot any animal you might find. Pheasant shoots, where a gun club raises a batch of pheasant chicks, continues to feed them in their captive pens, and then one day releases them so the whole club can shoot as many as they can - which is most of them as the pheasants, by that stage, aren't afraid of people. And finally the random shooting of anything that happens to walk or fly passed these psychopaths.


These are what bloodsports are. Hunting is just another example of man's blood lust. Another way to exert power, control and dominance over a more vulnerable species. To actually choose that, 'for fun' you will capture, chase and murder another living creature is so disgusting that mere words cannot describe the injustice of it all. No one has the right to do this. Who would want to? Who would be that psychologically disturbed to do something like that? These people aren't fit to be in society.