Live Exports



As of February 2013, live exports have resumed from Ireland to Libya after an almost 10 year ban. A move that Minister Simon Coveney has described as ‘progress’.


What we know about the conditions for these animals on this long journey is that they are unbearable and include deprivation of food and water, poor handling, overcrowding, and stress due to noise and vibration.



For these innocent cattle there is no relief at the end of the journey. Investigations into the slaughter conditions in North Africa and the Middle East have shown animals being brutally handled, dragged to their place of slaughter, and unnecessarily injured and beaten.


Does this sound like ‘Progress’?


Currently over 3000 cattle are on their way to Libya. It is yet another example of this government’s failure to protect the weak in society, another example of their placing profit and greed ahead of humanity and compassion.



Take Action NOW! Contact: Minister Simon Coveney at the Department of Agriculture, Marine & Food, Agriculture House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2 and urge him to end this ruthless practise.



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