Year in Review 1st July 2009 - 1st July 2010


  • 94 Demonstrations
  • 119 Leafleting Events
  • 14 Information Tables


  • 21 Information Packs sent out to members of the public
  • 20,500 leaflets distributed


  • ‘Swopshop’ boutique contacts us to confirm they have a fur-free policy
  • Owner of ‘Lara Boutique’ stores (Ireland & U.K.) contacts us to confirm fur-free policy
  • Irish Government confirms ban on fur farming by 2012


  • Hare coursing banned in Northern Ireland
  • Stag hunting banned in the Republic of Ireland


  • Show Jumping – protest outside the annual Dublin Horse Show
  • Greyhound Racing – first protest organised
  • Campaign to close the Charles River animal laboratories in Mayo


  • CAPS’ Zoo Awareness Weekend
  • Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day
  • SHAC’s “Operation Liberation” Week of Action – we protested the Charles River Labs in
  • IDA’s Global Day of Action to Highlight the Cat & Dog Meat Trade in Korea – Dublin’s
    Korean Embassy was protested
  • For IDA’s “World Vegan Week” we hosted a free vegan cake giveaway stall in Dublin City
  • The Anti-Fur Coalition’s “Fur Free Friday” – Dublin’s fur shops protested
  • Joined ‘Donegal Veg’ for their vigil as part of the “World Day for the Abolition of Meat”
  • SAEAB’s “Week of Action Against University Vivisection” – leaflet drop in UCD, protest at
    Trinity College
  • World Weekend for the Abolition of Meat – 250 Vegan Recipe Packs handed in to
    restaurants, cafes and pubs in Dublin


  • Fur Farm Expose Tour – protests at every fur farm in the country, as well as leafleting events
    and information tables in the largest cities near the farms
  • We had an information stall at Dublin’s ‘Independents’ Day Fair’ and hosted a screening of
    our ‘Fur Farm Expose’ dvd
  • Organised a foie gras week of action outside the Pearl Brasserie – we protested the restaurant
    every night for one week
  • Supported the group “Puppy Farm Awareness Campaign Ireland” in a day of action to
    highlight the issue, leafleting and collecting petitions
  • We have done numerous radio interviews – including a debate with pro-hunting group
    “RISE” press officer, Liam Cahill
  • Teamed up with the group “Donegal Veg” for various events throughout the year
  • New group “Students Against Vivisection” started in Trinity College – meetings held with
  • School talk given on veganism and animal rights
  • Trinity College student gives us report on an Animal Holding Area/Breeding Unit facility
  • New group, “NARA-Belfast”, launched
  • After a leaflet-drop in Ballina, asking for information on the Charles River laboratories, we
    were given detailed insider info, which we were then able to make public
  • Teamed up with “NARA-Belfast” for their ongoing ‘Save Lennox’ campaign
  • We received a total of 384 emails in the past year from members of the public asking
    questions, seeking advice, reporting animal cruelty and wanting to join our campaigns

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Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask us any questions, report something or get involved.


Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask us any questions, report something or get involved.


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