Puppy Farming

Ireland is the puppy farming capital of Europe. There are over 100 puppy farms in the country, where tens of thousands of dogs are used, abused, bred, sold and killed every year. We want this shameful industry abolished immediately.

Welfarist and useless.

From February 1st 2020, it became illegal in Ireland to advertise puppies without the name and other details of the seller, microchip number and the dog-breeding establishment licence.

Anyone selling or supplying more than five pet animals in a given year will have to register with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

All advertisements of “pet” animals will have to include certain minimum information about the animal and the seller or supplier. If the animal is a dog, the ad must include his/her microchip number.

Other changes are now being considered including a cap on the overall number of dogs a puppy farmer can breed – but we all know these changes are meaningless. Ireland needs a full and complete ban on puppy farming immediately.

Want to know where all the puppy farms are? Check out the list here!


There are thousands of dogs in rescue centres all over Ireland waiting for adoption. If you are ready to welcome a companion animal into your life, adopt from your local shelter. Don’t give your money to a puppy farmer – by doing so, you are directly contributing to animal abuse by helping to fund this industry. Furthermore, it is unethical to purchase a life. Animals are not commodities.

If you need help finding your local rescue centre, please contact us and we would be happy to help put you in touch with them!


So, what are we doing about it?


Over the years we have protested dozens of restaurants serving foie gras - and had huge success in getting them to eliminate it from their menus. If you find any restaurant serving foie gras, please let us know so we can get in touch with them immediately.


Seen as a "luxury" item, foie gras isn't that widespread in Ireland, and therefore some people are unaware of what it is. If you see it for sale anywhere, please make a complaint - the more objections businesses get, the less inclined they are to sell it!


Foie gras is illegal to produce in Ireland, on grounds of animal cruelty, so why do we import it? It's time to campaign for an import ban - please lobby your local TD!

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Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask us any questions, report something or get involved.


Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask us any questions, report something or get involved.


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