Charles River Laboratories

Charles River Laboratories, which is one of the biggest animal testing companies in the world, has a research facility in Ireland located in Carrentrila, Ballina, Co. Mayo. This laboratory has been in operation since 1976, along with a sister-lab in Glenamoy, which shut down in 2016. Both labs were formerly known as “Biological Laboratories Europe”, but in 2002, the company was sold to Charles River, for 28million euro.

Thousands of animals are experimented on in this laboratory every year.

Charles River conduct painful, live experiments on animals for the Pharmaceutical, Animal Health, Medical Device, Biotechnology and Food Industries. They are a contract testing business, which means they will test anything, on any animal, for a price.

Animals are bred on site, both for their own use and to sell to universities and other commercial laboratories, and we have been informed by sympathisers that the species used include mice, rats, dogs, cats and horses. Over the years we have also received claims of animal bodies and toxic waste being dumped in the nearby lake, as well as reports of dogs being heard barking and howling for hours on end in breeding sheds.

Their torturous lives are full of pain, fear, suffering and misery. Any animal that manages to survive an experiment, is killed shortly afterwards.

Hidden behind closed doors, they have gotten away with this for far to long. But we will not stop until we expose this disgusting industry, and finally put a stop to it.

Animals are sentient beings who deserve the freedom to live a full life in their natural environment. There is absolutely no moral or ethical justification whatsoever for using any animal in this way.

Check out this drone footage we got, of the Charles River lab in Mayo. It gives you an idea of the sheer scale of this disgusting facility.

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We received the following information from ex-employees of Charles River in Mayo

So, what are we doing about it?


We are currently trying to locate every animal testing laboratory in Ireland. We plan on doing a 'protest tour' once this list is complete.


The majority of people are unaware that animal testing takes place in Ireland. I huge help in bring this industry to an end, is exposing them.


If the government were to introduce a ban on animal testing, it would cease to exist in this country. So lobbying TDs on this issue is essential.

We have various campaigns running at any one time. Please click to learn about more issues!

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Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask us any questions, report something or get involved.


Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask us any questions, report something or get involved.


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