Year in Review 1st July 2013 - 1st July 2014


  • Over 100 protests, leafleting events and information stalls


  • 27,500


  • We received a total of 187 emails, through our website, in the past year from members
    of the public asking questions, seeking advice, requesting ‘Go Vegan’ packs, reporting
    animal cruelty and wanting to join our campaigns


  • Horse Carriages: We put together a new leaflet and page on this issue our
  • We also contacted every Dublin City Council member, asking them to put forward a
    motion for a ban on horse carriages in Dublin. Most did not even respond to us, those
    who did declined our request. But we will be renewing our appeal on a yearly basis, and
    in the meantime continue to raise awareness on this important issue.
  • Sea Life in Bray: As part of the CAPS’ ‘Sea Lies’ campaign


  • ‘Ribbon Rouge’ boutique in Navan
  • ‘Soho Market’ in Dublin
  • ‘Coco Boutique’ in Dublin


  • Because of Fine Gael’s decision to scrap the Fianna Fail/Green Party plan to ban fur
    farming in Ireland, we have had to start campaigning to shut these hell holes down all
    over again.
  • Since April, we have organised weekly protests outside Ireland’s biggest fur farm, Vasa
    Ltd., in Co. Laois. Thousands of leaflets have also been distributed in nearby towns,
    raising awareness and support from the locals.
  • This is the most direct and consistent anti-fur campaign ever organised in Ireland, and it
    will not end until we achieve a ban.


  • We monitored the Ward Union Hunt for illegal hunting every week throughout the
  • Protested the hunt balls of the ‘Meath Hounds’, ‘Ward Union’ and ‘Fingal Harriers’


  • Information stall at Dublin’s Vegetarian Day Fair
  • Information stall at the Anarchist Bookfair
  • Joined forces with AFAR, ICABS and Dublin-Meath Hunt Sabs for various protests
  • Attended the World Day for Animals in Laboratories rally in Nottingham
  • Our sub-group, ‘Vegan LGBT Ireland’ marched as official participants in Dublin’s Pride
    Parade – receiving TV, radio and newspaper coverage.


  • Took part in various radio interviews and debates on animal rights issues throughout
    the year.
  • ‘Fur shop owner told to pay 9,000euro to protester she
  • The ‘Ruuts and Shuuts Catering Collective’ invited us to give a talk and presentation in
    The Exchange, Temple Bar, on animal rights and our campaigns
  • Protested the opening day of the ‘Dublin Horse Show’ outside the RDS
  • Hosted a talk and open-meeting on ‘Combating Bloodsports in Ireland’
  • We attended, and gave the introduction to, a live Prime Time debate on the fur industry
  • Supported CAFT UK’s anti-fur campaign against Harvey Nichols by protesting their
    store in Dundrum Shopping Centre
  • Raised funds for, and organised a protest in solidarity with, imprisoned British activist
    Debbie Vincent
  • Mini-booklet with vegan Christmas recipes produced and distributed all around Dublin
    City Centre
  • ‘Dillon Exports’ coincidentally ceased business with the live export trade in Waterford,
    after weekly home demos
  • Publicly refused an invitation to, and subsequently protested, Minsiter Coveney’s sham
    “Animal Welfare Conference” at Dublin City Castle for 8 hours
  • As a result of incredibly generous donations, we have been able to get new campaign
    materials printed – banners, pop-up banners, posters, business cards, stall displays and
    an array of NARA merchandise including t-shirts, wristbands, keyrings and badges.
    100% of funds raised through the sale of merchandise will go directly into funding our

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Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask us any questions, report something or get involved.


Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask us any questions, report something or get involved.


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