Year in Review 1st July 2016 - 1st July 2017


  • Over 100 protests, leafleting events and information stalls


  • 10,000


  • We received over 404 emails, through our website, in the past year from
    members of the public asking questions, seeking advice, requesting information,
    reporting animal cruelty and wanting to join our campaigns


  • Found ‘Forever 21’ to be accidently selling unlabelled items made from real fur.
    They subsequently launched an internal investigation, and removed the entire
    range of items from all of their stores worldwide.
  • Got the ‘Kilkenny Shop’ in Dublin to remove all real fur sold on their premises.
  • Through Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre’s ethical policy, we had all fur
    removed from ‘Fabio Dericci’.
  • Alerted the ‘Shoe Rack’ in Charlestown that they were selling unlabelled items
    made from real fur, and they discontinued the sale and reinforced their fur-free
  • Had the most focused anti-fur campaign against ‘Costume’, a boutique in Dublin,
    despite Gardai trying to stop us, as well as the fact that this boutique hired ‘Dublin
    Town’ to harass and disrupt our protests.
  • Took part in, and helped promote, ‘Ireland’s Fur Trade (2017)’, a documentary
    produced by filmmaker Dean Mullen.
  • Through the ‘Competition & Consumer Protection Commission’, we were able to
    get falsely labelled hats made from real fur removed from Arnotts Department
    Store, and have the company involved – ‘Custom Vintage Dublin’ – investigated.
  • Caught ‘Pamela Scott’ boutique selling real fur again, which they reluctantly
    removed after several complaints.
  • After an anonymous tip-off, informing us that Brown Thomas were secretly selling
    real fur, despite their “fur free policy”, we set up a sting operation and exposed
    them live on Facebook. They have since claimed that their fur-free policy extends
    to their ‘personal shopper’ service, but we remain doubtful and continue to
    monitor the situation.


  • NARA protesters were assaulted by customers of ‘Duffy’s Circus’ in Clontarf, who
    then aided their escape upon the arrival of Gardai.
  • Thanks to a concerned member of the public contacting us about a live reindeer
    used as a “Christmas attraction” in the Omni Shopping Centre in Dublin, we were
    able to generate an enormous amount of negative publicity for the shopping
    centre – including time on radio, newspaper interviews, and our action-alert on
    Facebook being shared hundreds of times. As a result, a number of other
    shopping centres and outdoor markets cancelled their plans to have a live
    reindeer “attraction” during the Christmas period.


  • Gave a talk on bloodsports in Ireland, at Dublin’s Veg Day Fair.
  • Protested the Ward Union Hunt’s ‘Stephen’s Day Parade’ in Ashbourne, and
    followed them until they packed up and left early.
  • Challenged RTE’s ‘Ear to the Ground’ regarding a pro-bloodsports segment they
    aired, which they haven’t done again since.


  • Organised Ireland’s very first ‘March to Close all Slaughterhouses’, which took
    place in Dublin City Centre, where hundreds of people and a number of animal
    rights groups joined together to promote veganism in Ireland.
  • Got SuperValu in Blackrock to remove their live lobster tank, thanks to the
    hundreds of people who took part in our action alert.
  • Created a lot of negative publicity against Colaiste Isoagain in Portarlington, for
    their barbaric Transition Year project to raise, auction and kill turkeys.
  • Joined ‘Earthlings Experience Dublin’ in many of their events.


  • Sent multiple FOI requests to the HPRA regarding vivisection in Ireland, which
    were denied – but we at least got to highlight the secrecy and corruption in this
    industry and their governing bodies.
  • Through FOI requests to Trinity College in Dublin, we were able to reveal that
    they experimented on 6,971 animals in 2015.
  • Had a protest outside Trinity College for ‘World Week for Animals in


  • Took park in the CAPS ( day of action against zoos.
  • Through a sympathetic journalist, we received dozens of pages of documents on
    Dublin Zoo, which revealed that they still catch animals from the wild, kill healthy
    animals, profit from selling them, and engage in no wildlife rehabilitation projects.


  • Produced a number of campaign videos, which can be viewed
  • And


  • Took part in various radio and newspaper interviews, school talks, and debates
    on animal rights issues throughout the year.
  • Attended the annual ‘International Animal Rights Conference’ in Luxembourg.
  • Had a stall at Animal Aid UK’s ‘Vegan Christmas Fayre’ in London, to highlight
    the work we do in Ireland.
  • Had a stall at Dublin’s Veg Day Fair.
  • Joined the group ‘Not For Your Entertainment’ in a rally to show solidarity for the
    #JobstownNotGuilty campaign.
  • Protested Alan Farrell TD’s constituency office and family home, following his
    approved amendment to Wildlife Protection legislation, which would allow for a
    cull of seagulls in Balbriggan.
  • Engaged in the open rescue of discarded, dying crabs from fishermen in Howth,
    and released them back into the sea.
  • Our sub-group, ‘Vegan LGBT Ireland’
    ( marched as official participants in
    Dublin’s Pride Parade.
  • New NARA website launched:
  • NARA merch store launched to raise funds for campaigns

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Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask us any questions, report something or get involved.


Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask us any questions, report something or get involved.


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