Year in Review 1st July 2017 - 1st July 2018


  • Over 100 protests, marches, leafleting events and information stalls


  • 31,500


  • We received over 456 emails, through our website, in the past year from members of the
    public asking questions, seeking advice, requesting information, reporting animal cruelty
    and wanting to join our campaigns


  • After multiple protests, including an in-store one, we successful got Dunnes Stores in
    Cornelscourt to remove their live lobster tank.
  • Had several information stalls at ‘Fusion Sundays’ events in the Dublin Food Co-op, as
    well as the ‘Dublin Alternative Flea Market’.
  • Supported anti-greyhound racing and anti-bloodsports protests organised by AFAR
    and ICABS.
  • Successfully got Avoca to remove their lobster tanks.
  • Engaged in direct action in Howth, taking crabs from fishermen and putting them back
    into the sea.
  • As part of CAPS’ ‘Sea Lies’ campaign and Week of Action against Aquariums, we
    protested ‘Sea Life’ in Bray.
  • Convinced ‘Peachtree East’ restaurant to remove lobster from their menu.
  • Attended ‘Dublin Vegfest’ and gave a talk on Ireland’s fur trade.
  • Attended ‘Cork Vegfest’ and gave a talk on Ireland’s fur trade.
  • Due to pressure following an action alert, ‘M&K Meats’ confirmed they would no longer
    be killing wallabies on Lambay Island.
  • Attended a Dail debate on animal welfare issues.
  • Did a ‘tour of Dublin’ documenting every shop that sold real fur, contacting each one to
    persuade them otherwise, and reported those selling unlabelled real fur to the
    authorities. We successfully campaigned and got companies such as ‘Pamela Scott’,
    ‘Siopaella’, ‘Temple Bar Trading Co.’ and ‘Seasons of Ireland’, to remove real fur from
    their stores.
  • Protested the Ward Union Hunt’s ‘Stephen’s Day Parade’ in Ashbourne, and followed
    them until they packed up and left early.
  • Organised Ireland’s annual ‘March to Close all Slaughterhouses’, which took place in
    Dublin City Centre, where hundreds of people and a number of animal rights groups
    joined together to promote veganism in Ireland.
  • Organised Ireland’s first ‘Anti-Fur March’, to kick-start a brand new campaign to ban fur
    farming in Ireland, in which we protest outside the Dept. of Agriculture every Tuesday,
    and travel to a new town in Ireland every Saturday, highlighting the barbaric fur industry
    here and canvassing locals to join the campaign.
  • Successfully talked our way in to ‘Tazetta’ fur farm in Donegal, filming the entire time,
    which we were then able to release online. We also published official Dept. of
    Agriculture inspection reports of all 3 remaining fur farms for 2017, which highlighted the
    cruelty and flaws in the industry.
  • Had a surprise protest on the launch night and opening day of ‘Victoria’s Secret’ in
    Dublin, to highlight the fact that they test their cosmetics on animals.
  • Took part in various radio and newspaper interviews, school talks, and debates on
    animal rights issues throughout the year.
  • Attended the annual ‘International Animal Rights Conference’ in Luxembourg, and
    screened the documentary ‘Ireland’s Fur Trade (2017)’.
  • Appeared on RTE’s ‘Pat Kenny Show’ and spoke about veganism.
  • Protested live export trucks in Rosslare Harbour.
  • Had a stall at Dublin’s Veg Day Fair.
  • Officially updated our mission statement, to reflect more clearly our stance as an
    intersectional group which recognises the links between all social justice movements.
  • Organised weekly ‘Vegans for Choice’ canvassing events during
    the #Repeal referendum.
  • We marched as official participants in Dublin’s Pride Parade.


  • Produced a number of campaign videos, which can be viewed here:

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Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask us any questions, report something or get involved.


Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask us any questions, report something or get involved.


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