Year in Review 1st July 2018 - 1st July 2019


  • Over 100 protests, marches, leafleting events and information stalls


  • 47,000


  • We received over 410 emails, through our website, in the past year from members of the public asking questions, seeking advice, requesting information, reporting animal cruelty and wanting to join our campaigns


  • Supported anti-greyhound racing and anti-bloodsports protests organised by ICABS.
  • Supported anti-fur information stalls organised by Make Cork Fur Free.
  • Attended the very first anti-vivisection protest at the HPRA, as well as a nationwide day of action against animal testing.
  • Attended ‘Dublin Vegfest’ and gave a talk on Ireland’s fur trade.
  • Attended ‘Cork Vegfest’ and gave a talk on Ireland’s fur trade.
  • Worked with TDs Ruth Coppinger, Paul Murphy and Mick Barry, of Solidarity, regarding their ‘Prohibition of Fur Farming Bill 2018’.
  • Worked with Respect for Animals (UK) on the campaign to ban fur farming in Ireland.
  • Attended the proposal of the ‘Prohibition of Fur Farming Bill 2018’ in the Dail.
  • Protested the Ward Union Hunt’s ‘Stephen’s Day Parade’ in Ashbourne, and followed them until they packed up and left early.
  • Organised Ireland’s annual ‘March to Close all Slaughterhouses’, which took place in Dublin City Centre, where hundreds of people and a number of animal rights groups joined together to promote veganism in Ireland.
  • Organised Ireland’s second ‘Anti-Fur March’.
  • Supported Ireland’s first ‘Vegans of Colour’ conference.
  • Took part in various radio and newspaper interviews, school talks, and debates on animal rights issues throughout the year.
  • Attended the annual ‘International Animal Rights Conference’ in Luxembourg.
  • Had a stall at Dublin’s Veg Day Fair.
  • Met with the OPW to challenge them on their annual deer cull – and provided them with legitimate alternatives (which they have not availed of but we will continue to lobby them).
  • The Irish government finally announced a ban on fur farming, after a two year campaign in which we organised over 120 events, distributed over 76,000 leaflets, paid for postal leaflet drops to 8000 homes in Dublin, Cork, Kerry, Laois, Donegal & Leitrim, collected thousands of signatures on petitions, and made sure every TD in the country was contacted about this issue – via our daily ‘Action Alerts’, which asked members of the public to email/write/phone a different TD every day.
  • We attended Alternative Pride 2019 in Dublin.


  • Produced a number of campaign videos, which can be viewed here:

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NARA is a legal, grassroots level organisation that only operates within the law. Information on this website is for the purpose of legal protest and information only. It should not be used to commit any criminal acts or harassment. NARA is not affiliated to any other animal rights group. NARA has no links or involvement with the Animal Liberation Front or the Animal Rights Militia. Any articles published on this web site relating to illegal activities are posted for the sole reason of publishing news related to animal rights, and are not intended to incite or encourage similar acts.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask us any questions, report something or get involved.


Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask us any questions, report something or get involved.


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